About Us

At The Foundry, we take seriously our mission to provide a warm and inviting venue for you and your guests. We know that when we combine your vision with our passion for excellence and the beauty of our natural surroundings, together we will make your dream become a reality.

Our History

The area now known as the Foundry once began as a lazy bend in the Willamette River near the beautiful woods and hills that would later become Lake Oswego. When a deep deposit of iron was discovered in an area near Iron Mountain, encompassing what is now the Lake Oswego Country Club, our building was constructed as the heart of the first iron foundry west of the Rocky Mountains: The Oregon Iron and Steel Company.

Using limestone from the San Juan Islands and charcoal from Oregon's own fir forests, the Foundry produced metal throughout the 1870s for construction projects as far away as San Francisco. The Company originally operated two primary blast furnaces, but only one survived to become what has today become The Foundry.

With help from the City of Lake Oswego, the Foundry was restored as a historical site. Its charming brick exterior was professionally restored and extended into the lobby, its grounds were sculpted and tended, and its floors, vaulted ceilings and walls were all renovated. The Foundry became a key part of the Riverfront restoration project, designed to encourage social interaction, community identity, and commercial development. When you visit, feel free to walk around and find the plaques on our building and nearby landmarks that detail our rich history.